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Do you struggle with managing processes and systems?

Your business is growing-- congrats! You've grown over the years because you have something special in your business that others do not. Your customers love you for it! But are things a hot mess internally? Are any systems written down? Do you have repeatable processes that others in your team can depend on?

Hey, don't feel too bad, because that's pretty normal for the typical excelling entrepreneur. But, if you want to move to the next level, you need sustainable operations in place. You may not need a full-time COO (or perhaps can't afford one....YET). But you need someone who knows and obsesses about operations to help you do what you do best-- grow the business!

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The Virtual COO

To give some background, after completing a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design, Angela Madaha knew she emphatically did NOT want to be an interior designer! Rather, she realized she wanted to work with small businesses so that they could be better at running their businesses. Think, an "interior designer" for the operations of small businesses.

After completing an MBA, she worked in several small businesses and eventually managed a corporate franchise while training all the new franchise owners on running and operating their businesses. Over and over she saw the same struggles-- owners trying to grow their business but struggling with important operational details.

In 2014 she moved to Chicago and since then has been consulting small businesses on operations and internal sustainability that support real financial profitability. 

Nothing brings her more thrill than wading deep into messy businesses and create structure and clarity out of chaos!

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Monthly Operations Coaching

Sometimes you need someone with a COO-mindset to keep you accountable and help you make decisions month to month. This regular coaching program supports business owners with consulting about operational structure, processes and decisions so that the company's growth can increase and the owner can have support and access to professional operational advice. This is perfect for early-stage entrepreneurs or owners that need to get the ball rolling with operational systems and support.

Fractional COO Role

Having a Virtual Fractional COO means adding a committed team member who takes the initiative and oversight that a traditional COO would take but with a fraction of the time and cost. The ultimate goal of this position is to create operational sustainability so that the company can take advantage of current market opportunities and grow from a position of internal stability. This role includes taking operational details off the owner's plate, creating internal systems that are applied company-wide, and overseeing new initiatives and projects that would support both revenue and staffing growth. Ultimately, this will free up the owner to focus on business sales and growth knowing that on-going operational details are functioning smoothly.

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Launch Bootcamp

Bring your entire team together for 2 days of intense creative energy and determination, working together to ideate a new revenue stream with minimal cost and management requirements. This bootcamp will focus on identifying an idea that can be executed RIGHT NOW with the current resources the company has on hand. The bootcamp includes the following:

  • Sales forecast and budget

  • Pricing strategy

  • Break-even point

  • Launch start-up costs

  • Marketing strategy

  • Operations plan

  • Launch strategy

  • Additional analysis from business industry experts

Contact us if you're interested in this bootcamp retreat for your company.

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A company can seize extra-ordinary opportunities only if it is very good at the ordinary operations.


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